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Story titles are linked to their respective [livejournal.com profile] whitecollarfic announcement posts, in most cases. Further information about pairings, genres, word counts, etc, can be found there.

Let us Live, Let us Love by elrhiarhodan
Spoilers: none

Recap of 3.8 with screencaps posted by china_shop
Spoilers: 3.08

It Ends With Lies by aleanorblack
Spoilers: for 3.08 “As We Were” and 3.07 “Taking Account”

This Means War by vesperwhisper
Spoilers: none

A Gentleman's Guide to Suits, Ties and (white) Collars by the vampirepam
Spoilers: none listed

Happy Birthday by angelcaffrey
Spoilers: none

Savior by mycroftholmes
Spoilers: none listed

Breathe, Keep Breathing by rabidchild67
Spoilers: As You Were

Sympathy for the Devil by vesperwhisper
Spoilers: As You Were

Impossible to Understand by vesperwhisper
Spoilers: none listed

You Watched Me Fall by loveinadoorway
Spoilers: none

It Takes a Con by vesperwhisper
Spoilers: none

Down in the Willow Garden by elrhiarhodan
Spoilers: none

The Choice, part one by rabhirek
Spoilers: Tag to 3x08, As You Were

Note: This information is copied from [livejournal.com profile] whitecollarfic, and has been checked for spoilers. I haven't checked all the stories themselves or the comments on the stories. Caveat emptor. -- [personal profile] dragonfly


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